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Steven Seagal 2007-02-19

Steven Seagal, czytanka. Czas trwania nagrania 3:07 minut......................................

Almost everybody has heard about Steven Seagal, a well-known Hollywood actor and martial artist, who has been playing tough-guy heroes in numerous films. This specialisation is due to the fact that Seagal has a 7th dan black belt in the martial art Aikido.

It seems that film fiction has mixed with reality in Seagal?s case. He claims that in reality he took part in a number of secret CIA missions and met with important figures from organised crime all over the world. Moreover, he looks as if he believed in his own lies that he is half Italian, whereas in reality his mother was Irish and his father Jewish.

Seagal claims to have been a student of the founder of Aikido, known as O'Sensei. The truth is that he had lived in Japan before O'Sensei?s death in 1968, but nobody remembers him fighting on the mat. On the contrary, he was noticed as a kid who was always playing guitar.

During interviews, Seagal said that he was an advisor to several CIA agents in Japan, whereas his first wife assures that he was never in the CIA. Seagal claimed also at various times that he was a superb rider, a deadly marksman, an authority on antique samurai swords, and fluent in four languages. It is almost certain that none of these facts are true.

But one story connected with Seagal is definitely true. He had had some encounters with New York Mafia. The goal of the gangsters' visits was simple. Jules Nasso, the brother of one of the most prominent mobsters in New York, Vincent Nasso, was a producer of films with Seagal. Vincent was worried with Seagal's spiritual awakening which led him to declare that he would never take part in violent action films, on the advice of his guru. The Mafia wanted to induce Seagal to pay them $150,000 for each of his future films.

The visit was to be paid by Anthony "Sonny" Ciccone, who was an alleged capo in New York's Gambino organised-crime family. Ciccone, however, was warned by Jules that Seagal was a beast and that it would be very difficult to scare such a tough guy.

However, the visit had a completely different outcome than was predicted by Jules Nasso. It seemed that the hero was really petrified on seeing the mobsters. He started to behave so cowardly that even the gangsters were ashamed with it. They later had a good chuckle summarising the visit to Vincent Nasso. Ciccone regretted he didn't take a gun with him to threaten the star with, to see an even more panic-stricken hero. They concluded that Seagal knew the Mafia only from his films. He though that they were "men of honour," as he often portrayed them in movies, and would have respect for his film-star fame. But in reality, the Mafia had no respect for him. On the contrary, they even threatened to kill him if he stopped working with Jules.

This story surfaced, as that conversation was taped by the FBI. It was later used during the lawsuit against the New York mobsters.

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