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Some weird Elvis stuff 2007-04-06

Some weird Elvis stuff. Czytanka Czas trwania nagrania 3:49 minut............................

Way before Queen, Nirvana, Rolling Stones, Guns N? Roses, and all of the newer rock bands like Simple Plan and Matchbox 20 had made their mark in showbusiness, there he was?The King of Rock ?n? Roll or more popularly known as Elvis Presley. You need to have come from another planet not to know who The King is, right? Why, even the people of Japan know who he is! But just in case you?re one of those people who are going ?Elvis who?? right now, here is some information about one of America?s and the world over?s most famous artists.

The King was born Elvis Aaron Presley on January 8, 1935 to a truck driver father and a sewing machine operator mother in Memphis, Tennessee. After many years of living in poverty, the world renowned artist found his way to the top, becoming one of the most unforgettable personalities of all time.

Elvis was mainly a singer with his baritone voice and ability to sing various musical genres: rock and roll, country, gospel, blues, and country rock. But his genius didn?t end there. He was also a musician as he was a guitar and piano player; an actor having come out in 27 movies in the 1960?s and was considered as the highest paid Hollywood actor of his time; and an American soldier having served in the US Army for two years.

Long before his death in 1977 at age 42, due to prescription drug abuse, many were already imitating him (with the sideburns, sunglasses, jumpsuit, and all) and regarding him as the ultimate universal sex symbol. His impact was so great that his fans went as far as considering him as the ?Other Jesus? or ?Saint Elvis? after his death. It?s no wonder then that scholars mention the existence of the Elvis cult, which was as influential as the Hitler cult of World War II. It would come as no surprise then if millions of people worldwide are still very much into The King after all this time.

As evidence of his endless charisma, besides having his songs played in many sports events in the 21st century, a large number of devoted fans are spending millions of dollar on weird Elvis stuff that is being auctioned on the Internet and at various events.

Have you ever imagined wearing any actor?s ketchup-stained underwea r? This type of underwear can be found in The King?s collections in Graceland, but if you?re a true Elvis collector, anything he had worn will do, right? On E-Bay, a person was actually selling a so-called genuine pair of Elvis underwear that The King had worn under his jumpsuit while performing (sadly, the item was already washed as it was E-Bay policy to sell clean items). And just when you thought buying and selling used underwear was obssessive enough, some people really started manufacturing Elvis panties and boxers with his face all over them and were advertising them on the Internet.

Aside from more acceptable items like CD?s, badges, sunglasses, jewellery, pillowcases, notebooks, t-shirts and calendars, some people went as far as selling Elvis masks for the hopeless imitator, Elvis rubber ducks for the ultimate fan?s bath tub, mousemats, and even his high school report card for those who are hopeful to getting an A in music.
If you still find it hard to believe that there are some people who would do anything to get their hands on to any Elvis stuff, one website featured a woman who landed in jail for stealing millions of dollars a decade just to buy Elvis CD?s, records, and rare memorabilia from auctions, record fairs and even E-Bay.

There you have it. I hate to leave you, but you have to excuse me as I have to re-arrange my Elvis stuff here?

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