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Bank Robbery 2007-03-01

Bank Robbery, to czytanka (plik Mp3), tekst czytany przez angolskiego lektora. Czas odtwarzania 4.18 minyt txt .......................................
This morning started out unlucky for Paolo Mancione. As usual, he had set his alarm clock the evening before for half past eight but unfortunately the device didn?t ring and Paolo woke up at eight. When he realized that he was more than half an hour late, he jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. He pushed down the door handle but the door was locked. Oh gosh! - screamed Paul and started to beat the door with his fists. - Sorry, occupied! - said his teenage daughter Sophia. - I have to finish painting my toenails! - Get out - screamed Paolo once again, he heard only her mocking laughter. Paolo grew desperate. - Okay, okay honey. I'll give you 100 Euros but just get out of the bathroom now!
Sophia paused and considered her father's offer. After 10 seconds she said: 150 and the bathroom is yours!Desperate, Paolo shouted: - You got it, you little monster. - Now, open this door! But his daughter said: Okay, but give me my the money first. What? - asked Paolo - You do not trust me? But she only answered: money first. Paolo had no choice and he grabbed his wallet and took two 100 Euro notes. - Okay, Sophie, I have money, can you break 100 Euros? Sophie just smiled and Paolo put the money under the door with resignation. Sophie took his reward and slowly opened the door. Paolo jerked the door open, gazed at his daughter with light in his eyes and started to shave.- You love me so much daddy! ? she said sweetly, and Paolo forgot all about his idea of revenge.Meanwhile, in Montelabbate, a town a few kilometers away a big bank robbery was about to take place. Early in the morning two hooded thieves waited in their old Lancia for the first bank clerk to arrive. When the first banker appeared at the front of the bank, they jumped out from the car, aimed a big Magnum at the terrified worker and said: This is a robbery! Open the door, but do it slowly, very slowly!- Okay, sirs - said panicked worker - But I am a lower rank clerk and I have no key.
- What do you mean? You have no key? - So who has the key? - asked the surprised thieves.
- The bank manager, Mr. Paolo Mancione, is the only one with a key.- And when will this Mr. Paolo arrive?
- I think that in next few minutes. He is a very punctual man and he has never come late.
- Okay, so we will wait for him. At this time, unaware of the bank robbery, Paolo tried to tie his tie, but he was not able to because he was in such a hurry. Paolo cursed this day loudly - he had never been late to work. Never! What a shame!
A crowd of 14 bank workers had gathered at the front of the bank and the confused thieves had no choice but to take all of them hostage. Each bank worker said that he had no key because the bank key was held by the bank manager, Mr. Paolo Mancione, who was always on time.At half past nine, almost half an hour late, Paolo ran out of his house, jumped into his awful Fiat Doublo and started to go down to the nearby town. The bank should have been open 32 minutes ago! What a shame! In front of the bank, the terrorized crowd was more and more anxious about their missing manager. Maybe he is ill? - said one. - Maybe he had an accident! - said the second one and people a quarrel between the workers was noisier and noisier. The two unlucky thieves realized that situation became out of control so they snuck back to their car and drove away.The quarrelling bank workers did not notice that thieves were gone and eight minutes later when the manager appeared at the front of the bank, he saw the noisy crowd of his workers. Paolo jumped out from his car and unlocked the bank door. When workers realized that their boss appeared, they told him about the robbery. Paolo asked about the thieves but nobody knew where they had gone.After the bank workers filed their reports at the police station, Paolo understood that this was one of the luckiest days of his life. How is it possible? - he asked himself. Such a stroke of luck?
A few months later the municipal government gave Paolo the award as the luckiest banker in the Pesaro area. The broken alarm clock stood on Paolo Mancione mantelpiece over this fireplace as a symbol of his luck.

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